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 Push Your Music. Our Technology Analyzes It. Get The Best Music Search & Recommendation Engine.




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Music Search as a Service. Your Music. Our technology.



Easy to integrate, easy to operate

Siilar is a fully hosted music search service, available as a REST API or through the use of our web application.

Constant Improvement

Our R&D team is continuously working on our algorithms and you will always get access to the lastest version of our technology.



siilar revolutionises the way you search music



Use music to find music

It can be hard to describe the music your client wants. Hopefully when it comes to music, we always have references and sound characteristics in mind. 

In our music search engine, you can use any song as a seed for a search : a worldwide-catalog reference, an uploaded track or a song from your own catalog. Finding the exact track has never been so easy.




Get Instant Recommendation 

We automatically surface all the tracks that sound similar within your catalog.  You can then suggest tracks similar to the ones your clients already like and increase your sales.



comprehensive search

Comprehensive search

“I want a song that sounds like -Diamond- with a man singing”

The mixed search allows you to add several songs and tags to a request to refine your search.

Answering to your clients’ briefs has never been so easy.


siilar helps you to enrich your meta-datas



Automatic tagging

Our algorithms analyse your songs and then add tags automatically to your catalogues. You won’t need to update it manually anymore.

We tag songs according to your own ontology and detect new specifics such as mood, decades, type of voice, instrumentation.

Some users prefer to use our web-app, while others prefer to do an API integration. We handle both.

Web Application


A simple, powerful interface designed for music licensing activities. Create projects, deadlines, integrate your client’s briefs, add comments to any song and manage all your past and current projects

Powered by the best technology of music similarity



siilar is edited by niland, a leading expert for music-centric discovery solutions. Our services rely on the combination of our expertise in machine learning, audio signal processing and algorithm. Our technology was internationally awarded as the best of the academic world

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